Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Life happened, and for a while, this blog didn't.

After Buckley's injury, I was both frustrated and sad, while at the same time concentrating on really taking dressage lessons for the first time in more years than I like to admit. Cayenne and Angie made a lot of progress--Cay was finally actually cantering under saddle like a big girl instead of flopping about like a fish.

Buckley himself was a bit depressed and cranky, as he his not a happy camper when he cannot work. He got his first mohawk though, which I have since decided is the best look on him. His mane just never lays flat, no matter how much I goo, braid or brush/not brush it.

Our old man had his bratty moments, including stampeding off with buckets for berry picking flapping at his sides. Hadn't seen him move that in years.

Late summer and early fall brought some shockers. I was laid off (ok, not a huge shocker), and then another horse from Jay's past returned. Cashmere is a draftX mare who is trained to 2nd level dressage, now in her late twenties. Sadly, she returned to us thin, dirty and depressed. The first night she was home she laid down to roll and almost couldn't get up. We have spent the winter and spring feeding her up, loving on her and working her back into light work. Her feet are back to a normal size and she has probably gained nearly 200lbs. A few days ago, Jay galloped her on the track and she tried to take off with him, the silly git.

Thus, we start spring with five horses. Cayenne and Angie are going well at Intro/Training level dressage. Cay even went to her first regular open show and didn't make an idiot of herself! Buckley is still battling bouts of intermittent lameness, so the vet will be out soon to take yet another look at him. We worry that it might be habitual at this point?

We have also entered the ranks of those desperately seeking saddle, or rather, a saddle that FITS the shark mare. We have had 3 out so far, the most recent is a KN Symphonie. Finger crossing!!

Finally, Zeus' time with us is probably growing short. We're feeding him as much as he will eat and he just can't get ahead. We are trying to love on him as much as possible.

Whew! I've updated!

Friday, June 12, 2009


It has been a painful week for both Buckley and me.

As of last friday, Mr. B finished his soaking--no abscess escape holes, no puss. We gave him the four days of hang time afterward, per the vet. He was still sore, especially if he turned on his forehand at all.

Called the vet, again. Dr. Miller got us in today, and took x-rays of The Foot. (Disregard the scary nails in the wood block he stood on)

Thats right. Nothing. Completely clean. More than likely, he just has a nasty bruise to the upper rear quarter.

He gets another month to heal--and rip at his bell boots, which he is currently taking GREAT joy in. I want to get video of him doing it. He looks at me or Jay with this gleeful face, then reaches down, and undoes the velcro on his screaming green bell boots. I think he enjoys the sound the silly boy, as he never actually takes them off.

As for my ouch, I was kicked by an overly playful Percheron this week. My trainer says that I flew. I know that I have a bruise in the perfect size/shape of a size 7 or so horse foot on my low belly/hip, as well as whiplash and a mild concussion. No lesson for me this week! Thus, I shall take pictures of Jay's lesson, muahahah!

Angie lesson pictures soon!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Be afraid!

The mares are in heat. The geldings think they've still got it.

And there is grass. Lots. of. grass.

Its like a disease, and they all have it. She's foaming at the mouth with it, green and all!

Slightly more seriously, the photo was taken on what is probably Cay's 4th trail ride. She is doing very well under saddle after coming home in November. We're cantering under saddle in the arena--spiral in, spiral out, down to a 10 meter--which is impressive when you're a 1450lbs yellow shortbus! I'm really quite proud of her.

The old man however, is under the impression that he is STILL the stallion he was many years ago. He is marching the fence, trumpeting, and generally making an idiot of himself.
He ran from Jay for an hour today because he didn't want to come in from pasture (with Cay in tow). Many threats were made about going BACK to that feedlot.

At 32, he has innocent down. Its sick really.
Unfortunately, when the vet came out to see Buckley today, she pulled blood from the old man too, just to check up on him. He has been more finicky about his hay recently and we're hoping his cancer isn't on its way back, we're not done spoiling him yet.

Mr Buckzilla, as mentioned, got to show off his fancy little gimp for the vet today. He had been going well in lessons and on trails until one of the farm's Perch geldings put him through a fence. He was sore for a few days, then seemed to improve

Last week, he was lame at the trot. Then Monday he was gimpy at the walk. Vet!

Diagnosis? Abscess, high in his left heel. Urgh!
Let the soaking and buting begin (we'd been doing BL).

Stay tuned!

Monday, May 25, 2009


As so many before me, and hopefully so many to come, I took on horses that no one else wanted.

This blog will follow that time after they have passed all of the 'scary' parts of rehab: each of them is fat, shiny, saddle broke and relatively sane. As any horse rescuer knows, that is only the beginning, someday they have to at least pretend to be normal horses.

Cayenne and Buckley--the namesakes, Moo-Mare and BuckZilla-- came home most recently, and are still requiring the most work. Cayenne is a eight year old dunskin draft cross mare, most likely of Belgian and Quarter Horse heritage. Buckley is her slightly smaller yellow shadow, a seventeen year old AQHA registered buckskin gelding.

The 'old guard' are Angie, an OTTB mare who just reached her tenth birthday, and Zeus, a thirty-something Belgian gelding and former CBRE disaster.

Now, I attempt to follow their continuing journey to be 'normal' horses.