Friday, June 12, 2009


It has been a painful week for both Buckley and me.

As of last friday, Mr. B finished his soaking--no abscess escape holes, no puss. We gave him the four days of hang time afterward, per the vet. He was still sore, especially if he turned on his forehand at all.

Called the vet, again. Dr. Miller got us in today, and took x-rays of The Foot. (Disregard the scary nails in the wood block he stood on)

Thats right. Nothing. Completely clean. More than likely, he just has a nasty bruise to the upper rear quarter.

He gets another month to heal--and rip at his bell boots, which he is currently taking GREAT joy in. I want to get video of him doing it. He looks at me or Jay with this gleeful face, then reaches down, and undoes the velcro on his screaming green bell boots. I think he enjoys the sound the silly boy, as he never actually takes them off.

As for my ouch, I was kicked by an overly playful Percheron this week. My trainer says that I flew. I know that I have a bruise in the perfect size/shape of a size 7 or so horse foot on my low belly/hip, as well as whiplash and a mild concussion. No lesson for me this week! Thus, I shall take pictures of Jay's lesson, muahahah!

Angie lesson pictures soon!

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  1. Lol. I thought those nails were in his foot. Hey! You live by me!! :)