Monday, May 25, 2009


As so many before me, and hopefully so many to come, I took on horses that no one else wanted.

This blog will follow that time after they have passed all of the 'scary' parts of rehab: each of them is fat, shiny, saddle broke and relatively sane. As any horse rescuer knows, that is only the beginning, someday they have to at least pretend to be normal horses.

Cayenne and Buckley--the namesakes, Moo-Mare and BuckZilla-- came home most recently, and are still requiring the most work. Cayenne is a eight year old dunskin draft cross mare, most likely of Belgian and Quarter Horse heritage. Buckley is her slightly smaller yellow shadow, a seventeen year old AQHA registered buckskin gelding.

The 'old guard' are Angie, an OTTB mare who just reached her tenth birthday, and Zeus, a thirty-something Belgian gelding and former CBRE disaster.

Now, I attempt to follow their continuing journey to be 'normal' horses.

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